Natural solutions for women

For centuries herbs have provided safe and effective relief for women of all ages.

Almost 48% of Canadian women suffer from hormonal imbalance, beginning as early as their late twenties and increasing as they age.  From Black Cohosh to Vitex, our women’s formulas are developed by a team of nutritional scientists and medical experts. The results are potent natural supplements that give fast, reliable results.

Black Cohosh: A useful phytomedicine for premenstrual discomfort, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) or climacteric (menopausal) ailments.

Dong Quai Extract: Works as a tonic for the female reproductive organs and may be helpful for PMS and menopause. This might be due largely to aromatic compounds in dong quai root that relieve smooth muscle spasms, especially in the uterus.

Estro Factors: Contributes an important component to total breast health.

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