Where Would We Be Without Our Immune System?

Our immune system works hard to defend our bodies from harmful microorganisms that would otherwise leave us feeling sick. The immune system depends on a complex communications network within our bodies that patrols and destroys harmful cells. To boost your immune system requires clean living and a healthy lifestyle. Every part of our body needs to work together to create a harmonic balance to keep us healthy. To improve your immune system is easy; follow these healthy living tips:

1) Ditch the cigarettes; it’s 2014 and no longer “cool” to be taking years off your life.

2) Exercise five times a week; this will help to keep you fit and maintain a healthy weight.

3) Getting enough sleep will improve overall health, stress levels and brain function.

4) Try to reduce stress levels; when the body is overwhelmed it becomes more vulnerable to illness.

5) Be more social; studies show that people who are more social enjoy and make an effort to live a longer and healthier lifestyle than those who do not.

6) Getting a healthy dose of vitamin D can increase immune function. Vitamin D will help to fight asthma, cancer, autoimmune disease and infection.

7) Having frequent sex will reduce the risk of getting a cold and will increase your salivary IgA antibodies.

8) Allow your body a friendly dose of harmless bacteria; this will help to lower urinary and upper respiratory tracts and enhance immune function.

9) Drink lots of water and cut back on sugary drinks. Water helps to improve bowel functions, energizes muscles and keeps you hydrated.

10) Laughing is good for us, it will reduce stress levels and increase our white blood cells that help to fight off infection.