How to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Improve Your Sleep Quality

Sleep is often left on the back burner. But when you improve your sleep quality, your health will benefit tremendously. If you knew all the benefits of sleep, prioritizing your bedtime would be a no-brainer!

Though there are supplements that will help you fall asleep or stay asleep longer, getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night will be more beneficial than any supplement. Actively working on improving your sleep quality will do wonders for every aspect of your life – energy, stress, hormones, hunger, brain health – you name it. 

Why is Sleep Important? 

Without enough sleep, cortisol, the stress hormone rises.

There is also an association between decreased sleep duration and increased risk of obesity. In fact, short sleep duration may be a predictor of weight gain, as well as insulin resistance, diabetes and heart disease.

Sleep is needed for your body to fast and “reset” your metabolism depending on changing environmental factors.

For example, a lack of adequate sleep will decrease leptin and increase ghrelin hormone levels,which makes you hungrier the next day – have you ever noticed how hungry and less satiated you feel the day after a rough night of sleep? Not to mention, insulin response is shown to be decreased by 30% after just 6 nights of sleep restriction!

Needless to say, aiming for better sleep should be at the top of everyone’s priorities.

Tips for better sleep

Control your Blue Light Exposure 

Your body needs blue light to keep your circadian rhythm in check. Blue light from sunlight tells your body it’s time to wake up. We have sensors in our skin cells that can sense this light exposure.  

Too much blue light exposure from screens at night can send signals to your body that it is not time for bed yet because it mimics natural sunlight. Thus, it is important to prioritize increasing blue light exposure in the morning and reducing it at night. 

When you wake up, get outside or sit in front of a large window for 15 minutes. At night, consider using candlelight or salt lamps instead of bright white lights. You can also use blue light blocker glasses if you cannot get away from your screens!

Protect your Sleep Environment 

Your sleep environment can make or break your sleeping quality. The best environment is one that is completely dark, somewhat cold (18-19) and has no disturbing noises. 

Take a moment to think of your bedroom – is there anything you can improve? Perhaps you need to lower the thermostat at night, invest in blackout blinds, remove electronics from the bedroom or even use earplugs for a noise-free night. Whatever it may be for you, every small change can make a significant impact in your sleep quality. 

Supplements to Improve Sleep Quality


Magnesium is a critical mineral needed for sleep. Due to today’s poor soil quality, it is very difficult to get enough magnesium from food sources alone. Even in developed countries, almost 50% of the population are not consuming the required amount.

Magnesium supports deep sleep by maintaining healthy levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep and calmness. Do you have a difficult time staying asleep? People with low magnesium levels often wake up frequently during the night.

To help you stay asleep at night, we suggest a magnesium supplement in its bioavailable form. Magnesium bisglycinate is one of the most effective and absorbable options!


Melatonin is a well-known sleep hormone that your brain produces in response to darkness. It acts on receptors in your body to prepare for sleep. Melatonin is naturally produced when the sun sets and as you wind down for bed. However, in today’s society, not everyone follows a 9-to-5 work schedule. Taking melatonin supplements can help the body adapt to new sleep schedules, jet lag and night shifts.

To help you fall asleep faster, we suggest a melatonin spray that will be absorbed quickly. Spray it 30 minutes before bedtime for optimal results!


Grace Tien is a dietetics and holistic nutrition grad. She creates sustainable, delicious meal plans to help clients with their health goals. Grace specializes in nutrition for healthy periods, you can find out more at on Instagram.