Healthy Planet DIY Herbal Healing Bath Infusion

Take a load off - you deserve to relax and give yourself a treat this weekend. Baths are an amazing opportunity to relax the body and reap in beneficial nutrients for the skin.

I like to make my own healing bath infusions and have been for years. They are relatively easy to make and I’m a firm believer of the simpler the better, always.

What You’ll Need:
- Organic cotton mesh cloth or hemp cloth also works fine as well
- @ifyoucare_usa Twine or cotton string
- @nowfoodsofficial Essential Oils (For a bath, I like to choose lavender and rosemary)
- Dried Lavender,
- Rose Petals  (feel free to also add dried lemongrass and dried peppermint
- @celticseasalt Epsom Salt
- @organictraditions Coconut Oil

How To:
1. Cut a 7x7 “ inch square with the fabric.
2. Take 1 cup of epsom salt and add it to the center.
3. Mix in the dried rose and lavender flowers.
4. Drop 10 drops of lavender essential oil onto the salt and dried flowers.
5. Drop 5 drops of rosemary essential oil to the sale and dried flowers.
6. Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil onto the mixture.
7. Take the 4 corners of the fabric and wrap the edges.
8. Bunch the excess fabric up in your fist with one hand and take the piece of string and wrap the string around the fabric.

* Rosewater relieves inflammation/ soothes irritated skin, brightens your complexion, tightens pores and smells amazing
* Rosemary stimulates circulation, will help relieve muscle aches/soreness, has been shown to boost memory and clear congestion simply by being inhaled
* Lavender works as a “anxiolytic” (anxiety reliever) it calms the nerves, reduces anxiety/aggression/depression and does wonders for the skin
* Epsom Salts contain magnesium which also help to relax and soothe muscles. Salt water in general is super healing, good for energy cleansing

I am against most bath bombs because they contain artificial fragrances, artificial perfume and or scented ingredients that do not offer any health benefits. These artificial compounds are harmful to our health, waterways and wreak havoc once absorbed. Bath bombs look great but majority of them are full of toxins and allergens

Dedicating one hour from your weekend to invest in yourself will refuel you! Try this simple bath infusion today!
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