Vegan Lasagna Recipe

We think we have a Vegan Lasagna recipe good enough for even the toughest lasagna critics… Why do we think that? Well, simply….because it is. Follow this recipe and prepare yourself to hear all the ooooo’s and aaaaaaahhhh’s from family and friends.


Vegan lasagna can be tough to imagine for a lot of people.”Where does the cheese come into play?”. “What about the noodles, certainly those aren’t vegan”. We hear you and we are here to tell you….it is possible. Substitute the rich ricotta cheese your Aunt loves so much with a mind boggling Vegan Sunflower Seed version. What about the perfectly cooked Italian pasta sheets layered in between the sauce and cheese? Completely surprise them with long slices of zucchini in place of the pasta to keep the dish light, healthy and fresh without the heaviness of what boxed pasta’s brings to the table. Below we will give you a step by step and help you create what will surely jump up to the top of the list of your favourite meals to make for friends and family.

What we always recommend is that you have an open space available and all your ingredients prepped and within arms reach. A clean and open space always produces the best results.

Vegan Sunflower Seed Cheese:

1.Soak Sunflower Seeds for no less than 3 hours. Over night is ideal.

2. Set up your VitaMix

3. Drain Seeds and blend till you get a creamy consistency

4. Add your remaining ingredients and blend

5. Taste Cheese and feel free to add lemon juice for more of a zing, salt and pepper for taste or nutritional yeast for xtra cheesiness.

We always encourage cooking from scratch, it is far more satisfying when you take your first bite and realize you created all this with your own hands. What we do realize is this takes time that not all of us have. We have offered some healthy, and delicious items you can pick up at your local Healthy Planet and use in place of the hand made versions.


Lasagna “Pasta Sheets”:

1. Thoroughly wash your Zucchini

2. Slice lengthwise with your favourite knife and or a Mandolin for perfect slices each time

3. Place inside fridge until you are ready to combine everything together to make your lasagna!


Building the Lasagna:

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F

2. Search through your baking pans and find the a 9/13 inch baking pan or something close to it

3. Start with enough red sauce to completely cover the bottom of the baking pan

4. Lay down a layer of baby spinach until covering the red sauce

5. Lay your “pasta” sheets (zucchini) and cover the spinach

6. Spread a healthy amount of pesto completely covering the zucchini

7. Lay down another layer of baby spinach

8. Lay down another layer of zucchini

9. Spread healthy amount of Vegan Ricotta completely covering zucchini (You can use half the amount that you made)

10. Repeat the same steps starting from the beginning

11. With your entire lasagna now covered in Vegan Ricotta place your sliced Roma Tomatoes on top (we love to place in a manner that represent square pieces, 1 piece representing 1 square slice)

12. Place Vegan Lasagna into the oven covered in Aluminium, after 45 min, remove cover and bake for another 15 min. Pull from oven when finished cook time and let sit for 15-20 min to set and cool.

Now that the entire house has had a chance to smell the Lasagna cooking for the past hour, have the table ready, lay your favourite salad down along with your favourite Vegan Garlic Bread and then bring out the star of the evening, delicious, healthy, hearty, show stopping Vegan Lasagna. Soak up the the complements and watch the shock at how tasty this Vegan Meal is. Enjoy!


Vegan Cheese Ingredients:

3 cups raw Sunflower Seed rinsed

2 Tbsp nutritional yeast

1 medium lemon, juiced

1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (optional // for flavor + richness)

1 tsp sea salt + pinch black pepper


Vegan Lasagna Ingredients:

1 14-ounce pesto

2 large bags Baby Spinach

1 ripe Roma Tomato (for topping)

3 medium zucchini squash thinly sliced with a mandolin or sliced by hand Sunflower Seed “RIcotta” Cheese

1 28-ounce jar tomato sauce

How good is this Vegan Lasagna!?!? We knew you would love it and hope you share it with friends and family and continue a healthy and alternative way of feeding loved ones. Tag us at #Healthyplanet on Instagram and show us your Vegan Lasagna! Healthy Planet looks forward to sharing even more amazing recipes certain to put smiles on your loved ones faces. Enjoy!