Not Telling Tales: Healthy Hair and Nails

I am a proud employee at Preferred Nutrition, and believe in the products the company sells. As part of my job I have read pretty much all the supporting material, bottle labels, and marketing pieces for each of the supplements. I take the products that I feel I need to take in order to help me live optimally, and I encourage family members to do the same. All of our supplements do their jobs and I feel better for incorporating them into my (mostly) healthy lifestyle. One of my favourites is BioSil. BioSil is proven to help in the formation of collagen which in turn makes for stronger nails, skin with more elasticity, and stronger, fuller hair. These claims may hold more significance for women (and men, my husband has also seen the benefits) over forty. Let me break down what BioSil has done for me. (And let me tell you, at my age you notice when you see an obvious reversal of some of the realities of aging, you feel the need to share it!).

I carry the standard tell-tale signs of aging. I have crows-feet around my eyes, that increasing furrow in my brow, and lines around my mouth. My hair growth is slowing and I am starting to show a few grays, plus that beautiful shine that younger women get starts to fade over time. My nails have always struggled to grow past a certain length, as they tend to peel, are weak, and break easily. On top of all of that, I have a chronic knee issue from a decades-old injury which doctors warned could develop into arthritis as I got older.

I started to take BioSil to see if the great benefits that have been proven in studies would also work for me. I hoped to be lucky enough to see the line line to the left of my mouth reduce if nothing else. Believe me when I say it didn’t take very long to start to see a difference. First I noticed the crows-feet at the corners of my eyes seemed not to be as deep as they had been. Initially I put that down to getting some decent rest. But then the lines that had been forming beside my mouth and deepening between my eyes seemed to fill in a bit. My skin just seemed to look better altogether.

At the same time, my nails were growing past the tips of my fingers with greater success. There weren’t as many vertical lines in my nails and they were thicker and definitely stronger. I was so happy about this aspect that I almost didn’t notice my hair.

I cut my hair very short last Fall for an event my daughter hosted for Shave for the Brave. At first I thought it would never grow back and it seemed to stay short forever. Mind you, it was definitely the healthiest it had felt in many years, but that could easily have been attributed to having 14 inches cut off. But as it’s grown back over the past year I have noticed that it has that great shine back, it’s stronger, and I don’t lose as much of it as I once did while brushing or washing it.

As for the knee, it’s been awhile since it felt niggly just before a rainfall. It’s strong when I work it out or walk long distances. Actually, all my joints feel pretty good these days. If something does take a knock, recovery is faster. I just don’t ache as much.

I mentioned that my husband also takes BioSil and enjoys the benefits of this supplement, and for all the same reasons I do. His hair is healthy and shiny, his nails are strong, his skin has retained some elasticity, and his joints aren’t as achy as they once were.

The great thing about BioSil is that it comes in liquid form (perfect for those of you who like breakfast shakes or juices such as myself), but it also comes in caplet form for times of travel or for those who prefer that method. I have taken both, and I like both.

The reason BioSil works: “BioSil’s patented choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®) is clinically proven to make genuine collagen regeneration a reality. BioSil® “turns on” the body’s actual collagen-generating cells, known as fibroblasts. BioSil has been tested in rigorous double-blind placebo controlled trials for both efficacy and safety.”

What makes our BioSil different from others on the market? This product is not collagen that you eat in the hopes for absorption. This product helps YOUR BODY regenerate its OWN collagen.

BioSil works! I realize it sounds like it might be too good to be true but it benefits so many areas that there can be no harm in trying it out to see what it can do for you. There are so many anti-aging products out there and so many of them are invasive. I have vowed that I will not inject collagen into my lips or my forehead to stave off aging. Instead, I will commit to generating collagen throughout my whole body, so not only does my appearance show it, but I feel better too. Not too many products can say that.

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This article has been provided to you by Karen Gasbarino-Knutt at Preferred Nutrition.