Covid Curves: 6 Tips to Jump Start Spring

Over the past several months most of us have experienced a “Home Life” comparable to Groundhog Day.  In the beginning of CoVID, you may have felt the desire to kick-start a new healthy eating plan, or tackle those in home workouts with a vengeance. 

However, as time has waged on, the motivation may have started to dissipate and your daily exercise consists of a multitude of trips to the fridge to check if the light is still working (FYI: It is.)

Then throw in fashion consisting of daytime and nighttime stretchy pants with no buttons or zippers, and it is safe to say most of us are experiencing a CoVID 15lb weight gain. But it’s not all our fault.

When we are faced with a stressful situation our bodies release the hormone called cortisol. This reaction causes our blood sugar levels to rise resulting in a craving for foods high in fat, sugar and salt in order to replenish the glucose.

Yet now as we prepare to go back out into our “New Normal” we are finding our skinny jeans are not so skinny anymore; our shorts from last year must have shrunk and with little chance of a new wardrobe on the horizon, weight loss is something we may need to seriously consider for our healthiest selves.

However, we know diets do not work, restriction leads to binging, and truthfully finding balance in an unbalanced world seems impossible. So what can we do right now that will get those buttons done up and bring some consistency back into our days?


Here are 6 Weight Loss Tips you can start implementing today to deal with the COVID 15lbs. 

Tip #1: Make a Plan:
We technically all know what we should be doing, drinking those 8-10 glasses of water a day, choosing lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats, high fibre, and nutrient dense foods. Start reading the ingredient profiles of the foods you buy, aim for food lower in sugar and refined carbs. Making choices that support your goals is essential. However, when faced with the plethora of tasty treats, we can often forget our commitment to removing the new curves we have adopted.

So the next time you make a trip to the grocery store, be prepared and take a list. On that list write your health and wellness goals on the top and plan out your meals for the next couple days. Then if you hear the box of cookies calling your name you can remember your “Why.” And maybe instead of buying a box of 24 deluxe chocolate chip cookies, head to the bakery section and settle on one or two. Even better, pick yourself up an antioxidant rich, dark chocolate bar.

As you cruise the store stay on the perimeter and avoid the inner aisle that mostly consists of packaged, processed foods. Remember, a healthy immune system relies on both the Macro (protein, fats and carbs) and Micro (vitamins and minerals) but we must make sure we choose the right kinds.


Tip #2: Am I Really Hungry?
How many times have you caught yourself elbow deep in a bag of chips or pint of ice cream only to realize that you can’t remember when you started. Often when we find ourselves mindlessly eating it is important to stop and ask  “Am I REALLY hungry? Or am I bored, lonely, upset?” Finding comfort in food is common and refereed to as emotional eating. Given the current state of the unknown, food can easily become our comfort and friend. The best way to start connecting to your hunger cues is to start being mindful of when you are eating, why you are eating, and how your food tastes. Take the time to savour your food and enjoy each bite.  There is no prize for she/he who finishes first. 

Another way to bring mindfulness to your hunger cues is first thing in the morning. If your morning schedule is to eat first thing, hold back a bit and wait until you feel a little hungry. Then enjoy your first meal. 

The purpose behind this is to set the tone of the day by honouring what you need. Start the day by tuning in to what your body needs and then responding to it.  As the day progresses continue to pay attention if you are hungry or looking for comfort. This is not about restriction but about connecting. 


Tip #3: Use Your Hands:
Now, we all know our parents have told us to use our utensils when we eat so this concept may throw you off but one issue I have seen time and time again is portion control. And with serving sizes becoming increasingly larger it is no wonder our waistbands are following. 

Make a point of serving your food on plates and dishes; stop snacking from the bags or containers your foods come in. Portion size can directly affect our weight loss efforts. If you want to use a measuring cup or scale to understand a serving size it can often be quite alarming to see the difference between free pouring food and a measurement. However, once we return back to the “New Normal,” what if I told you that you are literally carrying your measuring cups with you everywhere you go?

Our hands serve as a tool to portion control. So the next time you are not sure how much a serving is, just remember you have the answer in the palm of your hand.


Tip #4: Muscle Up!
In order to create lean muscle we must get enough daily protein. Since muscle keeps our metabolism revved, lean muscle is an important factor if weight loss is our goal. The recommended daily intake is .8-1grm per body pound, which means a 150lb active woman, would aim for roughly 150grms of protein each day. Now that may seem like a lot, but with so many choices on the market for Vegans and Non Vegans, the options are endless. 

Start your day (when you are hungry) with a protein smoothie and implement foods such as cottage cheese, almonds, tofu, chicken, whey and vegan protein.

One more added reason to ensure you are getting your daily protein requirements is that protein is responsible for supporting our antibodies and antibodies are responsible for supporting our immune system. As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine or medicine will be thy food.”


Tip #5: Move Your Booty
We have all seen the in-home workouts going on right now. But what if you do not feel inspired to work up a sweat while homeschooling, cooking and working from home? Going for a walk or chasing a toddler around justifies as a workout, but some fun ways to get movement in without really trying are as follows.

 1. Bathroom Break: 10 Wall Push-ups

2. Open Fridge: 10 Lunges each leg (hold counter if needed.)

3. Taking Garbage out: 10 Jumping Jacks

4. Before Bed: 10 Sit-ups.

It may not feel like a lot but the point is to move your body.  If you feel like working out that is great but if not, don't beat yourself up. Make a promise to move your body everyday as a way to give thanks for being alive, and not as a punishment. 


Tip #6: Beauty Sleep
Sleep is a fundamental part of weight loss. With the current lack of schedule it is easy to stay up at all hours, which can lead to those, late night fridge visits. If you are finding challenges in sleeping start by creating a daily schedule.  Go to sleep and get up at the same time. Then try incorporating sleep supportive foods before bed such as walnuts, oatmeal, kale, and bananas  or make yourself some of “Aeryon’s Good Night Bites.” Remember to reduce blue light before bed.  Create a dark, cool bedroom, and practice nightly affirmations or meditations to create a stress free relaxed atmosphere. Then if needed, supplement with a sleep support product such as Snooze.


The Bottom Line is we did not put our CoVID curviness on in a day so we must be patient and make mindful choices. Start making choices each day to create health and wellness!



Aeryon Ashlie is the founder of Aeryon Wellness, Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, On-Air Radio personality and Holistic Health Coach. 

Aeryon is a strong believer in the Holistic Intuitive Approach, and her latest venture of support supplements are a result of personal experience with hormone, weight management and sleep issues. 

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