Healthy Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day at Healthy Planet! As we continue to work on improving ways to help the planet Live Life Healthy, We are fortunate enough to work alongside like minded ambassadors of Health and Wellness! Here are some of their products that not only help them live their best life, they are Earth friendly as well!

"I think my favourite Earth friendly product is Iron Vegan Protein Powder because vegan products help the animals, the environment and the planet! So I love that I can still get tons of protein while conserving/helping in those areas! :)"

"I’m a huge fan of is The Green Beaver company. I have been using their make up remover for almost a year and it’s amazing.I love that it’s all organic, all-natural, sensitive on my skin, and not tested on animals!"

"Eco Lunch Box! I love that is so durable, toxin free and of course reusable. Stores all my goodies without the use of plastic contains and bags. With this product in your household, there’s no excuses whatsoever to have any plastic containers period!"
"My favourite is My Progressive Harmonized Vegan Protein The fact that eating plant-based is better for the environment and for your health! Progressive is made with quality ingredients and is also dairy and gluten free! I LOVE IT!"

"I’d have to say Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap for a few reasons. It’s organic and free of toxins making it healthier for the environment and you. Plus it’s super versatile and can be used for anything, from personal care to cleaning the house. Its a must-have for anyone looking to reduce their exposure to chemicals and keep their house a little greener."

"My favourite Earth Friendly product is Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap! It’s an 18-in-1 so it replaces so many of my products and reduces waste. My favourite is the peppermint and I love to use it as a body wash and for household cleaning, it does it all! Dr. Bronner’s is made with 100% vegetable oils, is totally biodegradable and is harvested sustainably, which makes it my top pick for planet earth!"