Health Benefits of Kale

It is rare that we are lucky enough to find a food that tastes great, fills us up and hits a home run on the nutrition scale. When we do, we should celebrate it and add it as a regular part of our dietary menu. Kale is the latest popular green to take center stage for all the reasons mentioned above. In fact, kale is being touted as one of the best natural nutrition powerhouses in the produce department.

Here are several of the great health benefits of kale:

  • Kale is a virtually guilt free snack food. One serving offers up no fat at all, less than forty calories and plenty of fiber. This is the perfect recipe for success when it comes to healthy snacking.
  • All that fiber aids in digestion. If you have regularity problems, kale can help to ease the problem a great deal. It is a natural way to detox your body and keep your liver functioning at peak performance.
  • Kale is thought to help prevent cancer. This is because it is loaded with antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids. We are still learning about the benefits and their relationship to cancer, but it is clear that they help a great deal. Who would have guessed that a bowl of kale could help you fight off such a horrible thing?
  • Kale is a good food for those with asthma because of the cardiovascular benefits.
  • Vitamin K is another great benefit of eating kale. This wonder vitamin helps fight cancer, Alzheimer’s and even promotes healthy bones and tissue. The benefits of vitamin K seem to increase with each passing year and we may only know the half of it.
  • Kale is said to boost liver function, cell growth and iron levels – something that many people don’t get enough of.
  • Kale is an anti-inflammatory that is loaded with Omega-3s. These are known to help with all kinds of problems from autoimmune disorders to arthritis and bursitis. Omega 3s are wonderful for our health and Kale is a natural source.
  • Kale is thought to reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Kale has tons of vitamin A that helps with your skin and eyes.
  • The leafy green kale has a healthy dose of Vitamin C as well. While not as tasty as orange juice, it also lacks the sugar and other bad things you get in the juice. Each of them have their benefits.

While kale doesn’t get as much attention when you talk about leafy green veggies such as lettuce, it certainly deserves a place among the greatest veggies you can eat. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and tons of other goodies, kale will help you stay healthy and fit while still tickling your taste buds with a wonderful flavor. Give kale a place on your menu and the benefits will keep coming.

There are many ways you can enjoy kale. It is delicious in salads, soups and stir fries. Another way to enjoy it is in the form of kale chips! They make a great snack even kids enjoy.

Where to Buy Kale Chips

You can purchase kale chips at your local health food store. Healthy Planet also offers two brands of kale chips: Raw Vitality and Solar Raw Food. Pick up a bag today and start enjoying the many health benefits of kale chips.