Develop Healthy Eating Habits in Your Child at an Early Age

The threat of obesity in children is somehow dampening a majority of efforts led by parents to ensure their children lead a longer, healthier life. According to the study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, if we observe the current scenario and lifestyle trend, approximately 57% of American kids will suffer from obesity by the age 35.

Researchers suggest there is a strong link between an individual being overweight as a child and struggling with obesity in later years. Some researchers also suggest that there are chances, if a child becomes overweight in young age, it may be difficult to reverse the trend in the later age.Junk Food vs Healthy Food


So what’s the major point of focus here? Obesity – as in, how the seeds of this epidemic are sown at home.

Parents play a major role in developing healthy diet habits in their children which will keep them fit. Food preferences are formed in the early phase of childhood and they are responsible for affecting the eating habits of an individual for life. This is why developing healthy eating habits in your children at an early age is very important. Moreover, it can also help turn the tide against the obesity epidemic.

Healthy Planet Canada understands the importance of a healthy diet and the role it plays in a child’s life. This is why we are here with a few tips for parents to follow that can help develop healthy eating habits in their child at an early age.

Healthy Eating Habits


Ban Junk Food – Yes, please! If you want to keep obesity away from your child, kindly restrain yourself from stocking candies, heavily fried snacks, pastries, sodas, and other such unhealthy food items at home. Junk food should be a big NO in your house!

Cook Often – We understand it’s quite difficult to manage cooking in our busy work lives, however, it’s advised you feed your children with home cooked meals rather than takeaways. A healthy option is to use Canola Oil, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil while cooking the meals as it ensures a better taste and health at the same time.

Educate about Good Nutrition – Teach your kids the importance of eating healthy. It will encourage them to eat better food. Whether your child is good at sports, academics, or anything else, teach them that having a proper, healthy diet fosters a great performance.

Don’t Force Feed – Parents must not force their children to eat anything they don’t like. Research suggests that the grownup individuals are likely to avoid eating the food, which they were forced to consume when they were kids.

Introduce Multivitamin Supplements – While this is not a necessity, multivitamins are actually good for your children. Young children are fussy, picky eaters, which can cause them to suffer from nutritional deficiencies, but the intake of multivitamins under a physician’s guidance is a good way to avoid nutritional deficiency. You can visit Healthy Planet Canada for getting a variety of options when it comes to kids’ supplements.

So that’s a wrap for now! These are a few simple steps parents must follow to cultivate a healthy eating habit in their children at a young age.

Are you a parent struggling with similar? Write to us. We’ll try to help you out with a few effective tips on our next blog!

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

Have fun, party, and celebrate hard – but don’t ignore your health folks!

Healthy Planet Canada Family wishes you a Happy New Year!