Coconut Oil

Pecan Pie French Toast

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Cass. I am a Holistic Nutritionist obsessed with creating healthier favourites for both myself and my followers. I am known on Instagram as @the_nourishingproject, check it out if you want to see more of my favorite creations. I am a sucker for all things baking, making, creating and of course styling and taking photos of these creations before I indulge in what I have created. I love finding a normally high sugar/processed, but delicious recipe and transforming it into a nourishing treat/meal with nutrient dense ingredients and of course, lower sugar! Raise your hand if you’re favourite meal is breakfast?! (Immediately raises hand).  I have always been a pancake and waffle lover, but believe it or not, I had my first French Toast about 2 years ago. I know, I know, who am I? I always thought French toast was puzzling, but what’s not to love? Soft inside and crispy outside, cinnamon, maple syrup and you can pretty much make any flavour you want. Today I chose PECAN! If you love French toast, pecans and coconut whipped cream then you are in for a treat. This is the perfect recipe for any morning, weekend or holiday brunch. Christmas is just around the corner, just saying!  Step inside my kitchen and enjoy making and eating this dish as much, or even more than I do! Be sure to make extras to throw in the freezer and then reheat in the toaster for a quick, satisfying breakfast or snack. The best part about this is you can make it sweet or savoury. Today, I’m feeling sweet. So Let’s get started and fire up the pan!   Ingredients: Coconut Whipped Cream 1 can coconut cream unshaken and refrigerated overnight or for at least 6 hours. (insiders tip, lay the can upside down in the fridge so all the cream sits at the top when you open it!)  ¼ cup gluten free tapioca flour  1 tsp organic vanilla extract  French Toast 6 slices gluten free bread of choice (any bread is ok, I just love gluten free bread!) 6 organic eggs (local is always the way to go if possible!) ½ cup + 2 tbsp coconut milk  1 tbsp ground cinnamon pinch of ground sea salt  Pecan Pie “Syrup”  1 cup organic chopped pecans 4 tbsp organic canadian maple syrup 2 tbsp organic coconut oil 1 tsp ground cinnamon Directions: Coconut Whipped Cream Open can and carefully scoop the top layer of coconut cream from the can. If you skipped the refrigerator step, do yourself a favour and put it in the fridge! The top layer should be solid, this is what will make the whipped cream. Transfer solid layer into a chilled mixing bowl. Keep the remaining liquid from the can for later. I like to freeze them into an ice tray and use them in smoothies and even soups/curry’s. Whip the coconut cream until smooth, using an electric mixer. You can also refrigerate the mixer ahead of time. Whip for 1 minute. Add rest of the coconut cream ingredients to bowl and continue to whip until soft peaks form. Cover & putstore in fridge. French Toast Lightly oil a large pan over medium heat with coconut oil. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, coconut milk, cinnamon and sea salt Dip each slice of bread into the egg mix, making sure the full piece is covered/soaked in the mixture. Pan fry each slice of bread until egg coating is cooked, I find the time varies considering how much egg mixture the bread has soaked up, so be sure to check. Serve French toast on a plate and cover with pecan pie “syrup”. Pecan Pie “Syrup”        1.   In a small pot, mix together syrup, coconut oil, cinnamon and chopped pecans. Over medium heat, cook until warm. Pour over French toast when cooked. Tips on how to store: Refrigerator: Store in airtight jar or container, glass is best (I find the taste changes in plastic after 2 days). Use up within 3 days. Reheat in toaster.  Freezer: Store in airtight jar or container, freezer safe glass is best. Good for up to 2 months depending on your freezer quality. Reheat in toaster. *I like storing mine in a freezer safe glass container in the freezer. I will then take out a few at a time (or more) and keep in the fridge (glass container as well) for easy access. I highly recommend reheating the French toast slices in a toaster or oven. Toaster is fastest.  Follow @healthyplanet for more Health & Wellness recipes! from yourself. You can also follow me @the_nourishingproject on Instagram for pastmore Health & Wellness Recipes Happy sweet eatin’ from yours truly, Cass (@thenourishingproject)

Turmeric Latte Recipe

You may not know it, but it’s never too late to find out what all the buzz is about. Move over Coffee, move over Matcha Lattes, mover over Morning Tea…..there is a new boss in town and it brought all the healing and loving power that Turmeric has to offer. Turmeric Lattes are here and they are every bit as amazing as you may have heard. There are countless benefits of skipping your morning coffee and replacing it with a Turmeric Latte. From the ingredients being loaded with antioxidants, helping reduce inflammation and joint pain and protecting against heart disease, these are just a few of the reasons to jump on the Turmeric Latte bandwagon. Below we will guide you step by step on preparing and creating the very best turmeric latte your heart could desire. Ingredients: 1. Fresh Turmeric: 4 inch piece peeled 2. Fresh Ginger: 3 inch piece peeled 3. Black Pepper: pinch of freshly ground 4. Coconut Milk: 2 1/2 cups 5. Cinnamon: 2 sticks 6. Water: 1 1/2 cups 7. Nutmeg: a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg 8.Cardamom Seed: 5 seeds  9. Coconut Oil: 1/2 teaspoon cold coconut oil Method: 1. Start by bringing your water to a boil and adding your freshly peeled Turmeric and Ginger . Reduce the heat to a simmer and let the roots soak. 2. In a second pot, bring your coconut milk, cinnamon sticks, cardamom seeds and grated nutmeg to a boil and instantly reduce heat to a slight simmer. The trick with this is time, the longer you let it simmer, the longer the flavors of the cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom immerse themselves into the coconut milk. Make sure to reduce heat to low after it reaches a boiling point. 3. Grab your blender and pour in the water, turmeric and ginger. Blend on high until you have created a golden liquid. Remove the now blended concoction by pouring over a strainer into a bowl or container to capture the liquid. What should be left in the strainer is a paste of sorts that consists of the ginger and turmeric that was blended leaving behind a silky smooth yellow milk. 4. Remove the cinnamon and cardamom from the simmering coconut milk and pull off the heat. With your blender readily available, combine your golden milk, simmered spiced coconut milk and cold coconut oil. The idea behind the coconut oil is to give it a thicker froth when blending. After combining everything in the blender, go ahead and blend thoroughly. 5. Our last step is pour into your favourite mug, add freshly ground black pepper ( Important to add the black pepper due to the fact that it helps your body absorb the healing powers that turmeric make available.) We all have our own taste buds and we encourage you to add or subtract to fit your taste. Turmeric is a gift from mother nature and can be enjoyed in many different ways. This just happens to be one of our favourite. Create your own favourite variation of the Turmeric Latte and show us your masterpiece by tagging #HealthyPlanetBreakfast on your Instagram page. Looking forward to seeing all the different variations.

Healthy Planet New Year Resolution

Tis the season to embrace your family and loved ones. Your time is occupied by holiday parties, friend's gathering and surrounding yourself with family. It’s a chance to immerse yourself into the holiday spirit and leave behind the stress of daily life and the issues that come with it. While we mask the not so positive parts of ourselves during the holidays to keep up a positive and festive mood around others, doing so can lead to increased stress and anxiety. This can make way for excessive eating and sometimes deepen an already depressed state of mind. Taking care of your mind and body during the holiday season is of utmost importance not just for you, but those around you as well. With the New Year quickly approaching, we all know what comes when the big hand strikes Midnight. A laundry list of how we are going to improve our Health and Wellness in the upcoming year. Resolutions like increased time in the gym, adapting to an organic diet or making a pact to spend more time with nature are popular with the health and wellness lifestyle. Healthy Planet is here to help assist you in being the best version of yourself.Here is a list of some of our favourite New Year Resolutions and how we can help reach your goals! Digestion Health: Change of Diet Resolution: We an all overindulge in food and sweets over the Holidays. Here are some of our favourite products that will help realign both your gut health and digestive health for the New Year. Genuine Health Probiotic Gut Health - Benefiting both skin health, digestive health and immunity. Start your New Year building a defense in your gut against bloating and weak digestion. New Roots Digestive Enzyme - Get more energy from your food while helping increase vitamin and mineral absorption from foods. Helping with digestion, boating and gas, give a little love to your Gut Health with the arrival of the New Year. Traditional Medicinals Eater's Digest Peppermint Tea- This Kosher, Non GMO, Organic, after dinner tea is perfect for occasional indigestion and soothing a full belly. Let’s be serious, who doesn’t love a cup of tea after dinner. Dry Winter Weather: Spend More TIme In Nature Resolution Spending more time in nature can bring a sense of calmness following the busy holiday season. Dedicating more time walking and exploring the outdoors can be a fun way to enter the New Year feeling invigorated and fresh. Earth's Care Dry and Cracked Skin Balm - Winter months can be harsh and cold. Increased time spent exploring outside will leave you cracked and dry. Absorb the benefits of Shea Butter, Arnica and Cajaput Oil. Dr. Bronner Lip Balm Peppermint - Keep your lips from getting chapped with a classic. Support proper moisturizing of your lips over the cold months into spring. All organic and all love, Dr. Bronner should be a staple for everyone this New Year. Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Lemon Echinacea Tea - Heating up with a warm and comforting Tea after enjoying a walk in the park in the Winter months is the perfect treat. Organic, Non GMO, Kosher and Fair Trade. Gym Supplements: Joining Gym Resolution One of the top New Year Resolutions is joining the gym. We always promote self care and improving your body at Healthy Planet. Allmax ISONatural - Gluten free and formulated with probiotics to improve intestinal microflora, Allmax protein technology is a great addition to any training regiment. Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer - Go into your workout fully energized and ready to build your best self empire. Increase your endurance while raising your menta focus and recovery time. Amazing Grass Green SuperFood - Complete raw food with powerful antioxidants, Organic, Raw, Gluten Free, Natural, support your body while you train it to be the best it can be. Going Organic: Going Organic Resolution The Organic movement has made huge strides in the last few years. With the public understanding the importance of healthy and pesticide-free produce and products, trading in your processed foods and items for Organic will be an easy transition. Organic Traditions Sprouted Quinoa - Full of protein and incredibly versatile in the kitchen, quinoa is one of the easier proteins to fuel your body for the New Years challenges. Organic Traditions is one of our favourite Organic brands on the market. Prana Organic Cashews - Known to reduce inflammation, improve metabolism and lower the risk of diabetes, Prana Organic Cashews are some of the best Organic nuts on the market. Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts - An easy way to add omegas, protein and fibre straight into your diet, Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts are free of any additives or preservatives. A healthy and organic addition to your New Year Goals. Going Cruelty Free: Cruelty Free Beauty Self Care Resolution One of the most popular and fastly growing New Year Resolutions/Movements is jumping on board the Cruelty Free Cosmetics and Self Care. We are proud to carry all Cruelt ...

Heart Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Since February is Heart Health Month, I wanted to delve into the heart health benefits of one of my favorite oils to use in the kitchen: coconut oil. If you're like me, the terms coconut oil and heart health don't initially sound like they really go together. Especially considering the past few decades which included medical professional after medical professional vilifying coconut oil and its saturated fat content. But as we've seen in my last post about coconut oil, not all saturated fat is created equal; and the saturated fat content in coconut oil is naturally occurring, not manmade like most other vegetable oils. The bad rap that coconut oil has received over the years (and still does in most medical circles) is most likely due to the type of coconut oil that was used in research to support claims that it's bad for our health. Most studies that have been conducted on the saturated fat content of coconut oil actually used partially hydrogenated coconut oil, as opposed to the naturally occurring and healthier virgin coconut oil. Anything that is hydrogenated (like most all vegetable oils on the market) will create trans fats; and it's trans fats that are bad for our health and should be avoided at all costs! How Can Coconut Oil Help the Heart? Well for one, it's the high lauric acid content (almost 50%) which helps reduce heart problems like high cholesterol and blood pressure. Although lauric acid is a saturated fatty acid, a study from the Netherlands actually showed that fats rich in lauric acid content can lower bad cholesterol and regulate triglyceride levels. Another are of research that hasn't received much press lately is the correlation between chronic bacterial and viral infections and cardiovascular disease. As early as the '80s, researchers have identified the development of atherosclerosis (inflamed artery walls due to dangerous, fatty build up) in humans infected with bacteria and herpes virus. In the '90s, researchers even found bacteria in the plaque buildup inside arteries. In one study, rabbits were infected with Chlamydia and their arterial walls had thickened significantly. When given antibiotics, their arteries had shrunk back to normal size. Although researchers can't yet make the definite claim that infections cause heart disease (since many other factors can come into play), research does suggest that in some cases, heart disease may be treated with antibiotics. However, since antibiotics are only good against bacteria (and not viruses), their effectiveness is limited. There is one thing, however, that is very effective in treating both bacterial and viral infections (especially those associated with atherosclerosis) - the medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil! The MCFAs in coconut oil are known to kill a long list of disease causing organisms, including those most closely associated with heart disease. So not only does coconut oil have antimicrobial and antifungal properties, its antibacterial and antiviral properties may also help protect us from heart disease and stroke! How to Use Coconut Oil Nutritionists recommend about 3 tablespoons of coconut oil per day to achieve the levels of lauric acid present in human breast milk. Whether you decide to use 3 tablespoons or less, there are many ways to incorporate coconut oil into your diet: Replace your other cooking oils with coconut oil. Saute, fry, and stir-fry your meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and eggs in it. Add it to your coffee, smoothies, tea, etc. Use it in baking breads, biscuits, and healthy desserts. Since coconut oil is solid at cooler temperatures, it can also be used in place of butter in many recipes. Grab your jar of Coconut oil by clicking here..   Image courtesy of Pixomar /

The Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a healthy, nutritious oil made from coconut meat. But if you've followed the advice of the medical industry and the media for the past 50 years, you've probably heard to stay away from saturated fats like those in coconut oil because they can lead to things like high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. Saturated Fats Unfortunately, what's lacking in this medical advice is the distinction between different forms of saturated fats. The truth is that not all saturated fats are created equal. All fats are categorized as either short-, medium-, or long-chain. The saturated fats in coconut oil are about two-thirds medium-chain fatty acids, making them easily digestible, beneficial to the immune system, and giving them anti-microbial properties. The majority of fats consumed in our diet are long-chain fatty acids, whether they're saturated or unsaturated. Now back to the statement, "not all saturated fats are created equal." The key word to note here is "created," since some saturated fats are naturally occurring, like those in coconut oil, and some (most) are man-made through the process of hydrogenation. This completely unnatural process of hydrogenation heats the oils and manipulates their molecular structure, making them rancid and thick. The only benefit of this process is to extend the shelf-life of these oils and the processed foods in which they're used. Lauric Acid Coconut oil also contains a significant amount of lauric acid, which is also found in abundance in breast milk, and converts to a compound called monolaurin. Monolaurin has been shown to fight viruses, bacterial infections, funguses, and other microorganisms. Nearly 50% of the fats found in coconut oil are made of this miracle compound - the richest sources found naturally! Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Hair: Coconut oil rubbed in the scalp a couple times a week can nourish the scalp and reduce dandruff. Applied to the hair, coconut oil has a deep conditioning effect that strengthens the hair and adds shine. Skin: Coconut oil is a great massage oil for the skin and a very effective moisturizer for all skin types. It absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving no oily residue, and helps treat various skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Weight loss: The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil help speed up the metabolism because they're easily digested and converted into energy, making coconut oil a worthy component of a healthy diet. Bone health: Coconut oil assists the body in absorbing minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are very important in fighting osteperosis. Heart health: Coconut oil's high lauric acid content helps prevent heart problems like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Immune support: Coconut oil contains lauric acid, as well as capric acid and caprylic acid, all of which have antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Thyroid health: Because coconut oil travels directly to the liver, without the need for enzymes in digestion, coconut oil has been shown to help increase thyroid health. Fights infection: Again, coconut oil's antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties make it effective in fighting infections like influenza, hepatitis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, candida, athlete's foot, and even diaper rash. Diabetes: Coconut oil helps to control blood sugar and improves insulin secretion, making it excellent at preventing and treating diabetes. Dental health: Since coconut oil helps with the absorption of minerals like calcium, it also helps keep teeth healthy and strong, and can also help stop tooth decay. How to Use Coconut Oil For external use, such as hair and skin, simply rub a small amount between your palms to warm it up and apply to the areas needed. For internal consumption, the possibilities are almost endless. You can either cook with it by replacing the butter or oils called for in a recipe, add it to smoothies, or add some to your coffee or tea. Coconut oil is the only oil stable enough to withstand the heat of cooking and is therefore the healthiest oil available for this purpose. You can find a wide variety of coconut oils on Healthy Planet's online store!
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