Breakfast Quinoa Bowl Recipe

Rise and Shine!

We all know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should provide nourishment throughout it. Think of breakfast each day as a starter kit to keep your body healthy and happy.

One of my favourite ways to start a busy day is a Quinoa Breakfast Bowl. 1 cup of Quinoa is packed with heaps of iron and magnesium as well as about 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. The best part of the Quinoa Breakfast Bowl? All the healthy additions you can add to load it up for texture and even more flavour.

With 1 pot and roughly 30 min, you can start your day with a healthy and tasty breakfast to keep you concentrated on your tasks at hand and not on your empty stomach.

Follow us as we give you the step by step in creating one of the easiest and healthiest starts to the day that you can imagine.

Quinoa Bowl Ingredients:

* 1 cup uncooked white quinoa

 *2 cups coconut milk (light canned or beverage in carton)

 *1 pinch sea salt

 *2 sticks of cinnamon

 *1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder

 *2 pinches of nutmeg powder


Additional Toppings (optional):

*mixed berries

*sliced banana

*chopped apple/pear



*hemp/chia seeds

 *maple syrup

 *cocoa nibs

 *dried coconut

 *One of our go to toppings is a do it yourself blended blueberry yogurt

(blend blueberries into fresh greek yogurt until combined thoroughly)



1. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your quinoa for 2 minutes, sifting through and removing any pebbles or discolored pieces that may remain.

2. Lightly toast your quinoa by first heating a small saucepan over medium heat. When the pan is hot, add rinsed and drained quinoa and stir while drying up moisture and lightly toasting the quinoa.

3. Add your 2 cups of coconut milk and your pinch of salt along with the cinnamon sticks, cardamom/nutmeg powder and stir. Bring it all to a boil over high heat, then reduce to low and cook for 20-25 minutes, uncovered while stirring occasionally. A slight simmer throughout the cooking time is needed.

4. Once the coconut milk is absorbed and the quinoa is tender, remove from the stove. Stir and add more coconut milk if you desire a thinner consistency.

5. Serve your quinoa bowl with any additional toppings (listed above) and enjoy a healthy start to your day.

6. Quinoa will last roughly 2-3 days. When reheating, use a microwave and or saucepan. Add a bit more coconut milk to add more moisture if needed when heating up.

Create your own favourite variation of the Quinoa Bowl and show us your masterpiece by tagging #HealthyPlanetBreakfast on your instagram page. Looking forward to seeing all the different variations