Blend supplements with your perfect health regime

You might be the one currently reading a book on health tips with a green tea or diet popcorn bowl or you might be the one who takes morning yawn at the gym, lands at the workplace and after that again, knocks the gym doors. You might also be the one whose kitchen comprises of chef’s order pinboard where you have posted your sprouts salads recipes and health shake consumption schedule. Yes, people following any of those lifestyles, do deserve a pat on the shoulder for their efforts and awareness regarding their own health. It might be possible that your approaches are shaping your body and health but you might not be taking enough supplements from food alone that can strengthen your immune system.

You can try below a quick recipe entitled “everlasting health bowl.


  1. 1 Large cup of early morning exercises
  2. 1 plate healthy breakfast and a fruit (glass of juice can also go)
  3. Pinch or 1 tablet of prescribed “Health Supplements”

How to prepare: After implementing step 1, in a tray plate prep up step 2and finish with step 3

Many people would strike down supplement meds because they have perfectly tailored their schedule in terms of food and workout but they might not know that in today’s hectic lifestyle where they you should always be running against the clock, their food does lack some essential vitamins or health boosters that are necessary for their health. Below are 4 supplements that can enhance your health meter:

  • Multivitamin: This supplement should be on top of your health meds checklist. “Multi” will cover your vitamins and minerals shortfalls. It will also optimize your cellular function so that you are charged up the whole day, improve your mood and boost your immune system making you less prone to certain diseases


  • Vitamin D3: It shields you from numerous diseases & interacts with over 200 genes that are linked to various diseases. It increases muscle strength, builds bones. This supplement comprises of anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer effects and charges your immune system. It is not always possible to get enough Vitamin D3 from food alone, especially when you are not exposed to the sun an enough amount of time every day. Hence, supplements and adequate sun exposure will wrap your health.
  • Fish oils: Fish oil supplements are loaded with essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA that protect the body from chronic diseases and inflammation. Fish oils are versatile since they enhance your immunity as well as strengthen the cardiovascular system, joints, eyes vision, skin, hair, nails and also sharpen metabolic functions and memory skills. 


  • Probiotics: Probiotics are benign bacteria that reside in your gut and play a vital role in furnishing your body with protection against gastrointestinal inflammation. Your body can be entitled as “Healthy” when your intestinal area hosts a troop of above 100 trillion good bacteria that work on improving your digestion, immune, and getting rid of bad ones. A daily dosage of Probiotics will restore your digestion swiftly and will increase the amount of friendly bacteria.



Now you might be thinking how you will basket all your supplements. Then, bookmark your destination: Healthy Planet. We offer an infinite range of vitamins and health supplements.