Every Day Baby Care Products You Need to Stock!

Whether you are new folks who have just welcomed an angel or the one who have already gone through preps post having a baby, huge supermarket racks might look hallucinating to you as there are infinite products stocked up. You might not have heard of some of those products or you might not exactly know how to use others. Healthy Planet has categorized all your babycare needs so that you can shop easily.

When it comes to baby’s caretaking, no considerations should be left unturned. Below are some baby care products that are exclusively made for your little one's daily use.

• Baby oils: Always go for specially formulated baby oils rather than the general ones. Baby skin is different from adults and it requires exceptional care. Sometimes severe climatic changes especially dry winter months can adversely affect your baby’s skin. Healthy Planet has pediatrician tested baby friendly oils and one of them is Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Baby Oil which comprises of enriching antioxidants and vitamins. This oil is free from all artificial synthetics like phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS. So, without any worries, you can massage your baby to sleep and provide your little one’s skin with smoothing nourishment.

Baby Bath: Infants have weak immune system and it does not have fighter antibodies that can protect them from harmful germs. A bath not only removes harmful bacterias but it also exfoliates skin pores so that baby can sweat out impurities. The most vital aspect that is needed to be taken into consideration while picking soap or cleanser for babies is product’s pH balance. Alkaline soaps are a big NO for the baby skin as it makes skin dry and causes rashes.

Dr.Bronner's Castile Soap Unscented Baby, is best for the sensitive baby skin. It is concentrated, biodegradable and is prepared using organic ingredients. You can also explore other Bathing products which are experts certified and totally safe for your babies.

Baby Food: To make your babies’ digestive system strong it is essential that they are provided with healthy edibles that help them grow. Healthy Planet has delicious baby food supplies for every little one’s taste buds and one of them is Healthy Times Baby Cereal Organic Barley which is USDA Certified Organic, Dairy & Soy Free, Unsalted and Unsweetened. This baby cereal consists of iron, vitamins,and minerals that accelerate baby’s overall growth and development.

You can also feed your baby with healthy and nutritive full dinner bowl. Earth's Best Baby Food Potato & Chicken is made using fresh sweet potatoes, apricot puree, whole grain brown rice flour and ground chicken. It doesn’t comprise of artificial flavors or colors. So, you can schedule your little tummy’s healthy hours with healthy edibles.
Baby products are like supplements to baby’s growth so it is recommended that you use organic and non-artificial, synthetic free products.All mommies, you can now become stress-free and can shop any baby product to meet your baby care needs from Healthy Planet.