Relaxation to a “Tea”

We have just celebrated the Holidays; a time of extra calories, extra drinks, less sleep, off our schedules. With the running around and the holiday stress, everyone wants to get back on track. One of the ways we can help reduce stress and slow it down is by drinking some nice relaxing herbal tea. Dr. Marita shares some good healthy tea advice. If you are interested in exploring different teas, there are plenty to choose from at your local Health Food Retailer or Specialty Pharmacy. Read on:

When you’re facing stress and can’t jump on a plane to Cuba, there are many ways to create a relaxing experience at home, and give your nervous system a break from all the stimulus we face on a day-to-day basis.

One of my favourite ways to de-stress at the end of the day is with tea.

Tea has been lauded as a great way to combat anxiety, and medical research backs it up: certain herbs, brewed into teas, have active ingredients that physiologically reduce your anxiety.

There are also non-medical benefits of being a regular herbal tea drinker, and these benefits can also have an impact on anxiety.

For one, you stay much better hydrated – as long as your tea isn’t caffeinated. Proper hydration leads to more energy and less stress on the body, hence less anxiety.

You also get the benefit of slowly and mindfully sipping on a hot beverage – hot tea isn’t something you can gulp down, and so forces you into a state of awareness. This, too, can have mega-positive impacts on anxiety and stress levels.

And, finally, having a cup of tea after lunch or before bed on a consistent basis is a great way to develop a routine, creating a sense of stability and uniformity in your life. These effects – you guessed it – have a positive impact on the body’s ability to relax and unwind.

Convinced? I thought so! Below you’ll find 4 varieties of herbal tea that will ease your anxiety and soothe your frazzled nerves. Almost as good as trip to Cuba, right?

Kava Kava

This root is dried and ground to make tea. You can find it at most health food stores, but be sure not to consume it with alcohol or prescription drugs. It’s that good.


Chamomile is the mother of all simple tea remedies. Its soothing nature won’t put you to sleep, but it will calm you. You can find the team at almost any grocery store, though it pays to go with an organic, reputable brand. Growing chamomile is also extremely easy, and it grows prolifically.

Valerian Root

Some of the reports on this one are mixed, but I’ve always found it to be an effective relaxing tea with mild sedative  properties. Every body is different, but this tea is worth a try before bed. Again, you can find it at most health food stores.

It’s worth noting that any of these herbs can be found in supplement form at health food stores. But taking capsules can’t really compare with the non-medical benefits of drinking a hot tea. So put your feet up and get steeping!

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