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Discover Why Moisturizer is a Must-Have for Babies and Infants

Proper skin care is a must for everyone—at every (any) age. However, for babies and children, it is all the more essential, as these little humans have an active, playful lifestyle. 

They are hardly aware of what damage they might be doing to their skin every day. Since children spend a lot of time playing outdoors, and hand-washing is essential – it is practical to keep a good moisturizer handy. With the best moisturizer for a baby's or child’s face and skin, you can minimize the damage done due to the sun’s harmful rays, dirt and bacteria, picking at their face/constant touching, and environmental pollution.

Simply washing their face is not enough because doing so can strip the skin of natural oils – especially when washing constantly. A good lotion or moisturizer is the best way to restore the skin’s oil balance. Check out Healthy Planet Canada’s assortment of moisturizers for babies and moisturizers for children, which promise mild and gentle formulations – all containing safe, non-toxic ingredients. 

Buying the Best Baby Lotion 

The need for finding a high-quality, natural baby lotion increases exponentially if your baby is suffering from eczema or skin conditions. Eczema can cause dry, red, and itchy skin, and also increase skin sensitivity dramatically. 

Check out the best baby lotion for eczema to keep your baby’s skin healthy and happy. Lotions and moisturizers lend protection to the outermost layer of the skin; this is particularly crucial for kids with eczema, as their skin barrier can be easily damaged, making it more sensitive to allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants. At Healthy Planet Canada, we handpick the best brands for your baby’s skin care needs.