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Wide Range of Toothpaste for Kids

Brushing regularly is the only reliable way to ensure the prevention of plaque buildup on your kids’ teeth as well as preventing cavities. 

Once a baby’s first teeth arrive, start using a very soft toothbrush, with a small quantity of toothpaste or tooth gel. Toothpaste for older kids and young alike not only helps in removing plaque but also helps the prevention of tooth decay, strengthens the enamel, removes stains, and freshens breath. All of these contribute to a healthy mouth and healthy brushing practices into adulthood. 

Healthy Planet Canada is your one-stop shop for the best toothpaste for kids in addition to other dental care essentials. When it comes to buying the best kids’ toothpaste, you should steer clear of products with harsh abrasives, as these can damage the tooth enamel of your little ones. You’ll want to ensure for younger kids that the toothpaste is ‘safe’ to swallow – as this has a tendency of happening, whether intentional or not. All our toothpaste is naturally derived and often indicates that they are entirely safe if swallowed by accident. 

How to Choose the Best Kids’ Toothpaste

Healthy Planet Canada has a wide variety of toothpaste for kids that go beyond the conventional ‘mint’ flavor for even the pickiest of children and babies. Check out the best toothpaste in Canada with kid-friendly flavors including banana, bubble gum, orange, strawberry, watermelon, and more. 

These fruity flavors leave a good taste in their mouth, have a little bit of sweetness without adding any sugar, and can naturally make brushing a pleasant experience. It is highly recommended to promote good oral hygiene starting at an early age, and with the right products at your disposal, this becomes an easy process. Check out kids’ tooth gel or toothpaste formulated with xylitol that not only tastes great but is also safe to swallow.

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