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Apilife Black Seed Honey Green Propolis 250g

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Black Seed Honey

Green Propolis

  • Honey With Green Propolis

We infused our Black seed honey with one of nature’s most powerful pure bee propolis (made by bees). The properties of both black seed and propolis make this infusion an excellent remedy to the combat against the body's foreign invasion

What is Propolis?

Besides honey and royal jelly, bees also produce a greenish-brown substance called propolis. They generate it from the combination of plant sap, bee saliva, and beeswax and use it to coat their hives and themselves for protection.

Scientists have identified more than 300 active compounds in propolis. The majority of these are polyphenols - antioxidants that fight disease and cellular damage.

Ancient civilizations such as Greeks and Assyrians used propolis abundantly. Egyptians used it to help embalm thier mummies.

The "Green"

Green is one of the colors of propolis, it tells us where this propolis comes from since there are also other colors like brown and red. But green is the highest grade of propolis from the rainforests of Brazil. This propolis is much more potent and has more unique characteristics. 

Try this natural proven therapy this time!

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