A Career in Nutrition at Healthy Planet -- Why They're Different

I’ve been a member of the Healthy Planet team since 2011 – initially just on a casual basis.

A long-time customer myself, I was asked by a manager if I would like to cover for a fellow Nutritionist friend taking vacation. I loved the experience. It was like working with family and friends.

Everyone, from management to the people working in the stock room, looked after each other. The customers were like family.

I had my own clinical practice, and a background in nutritional research, but the experience working at Healthy Planet taught me to think on my feet very quickly. I found that infinitely valuable. It has stuck with me.

I love that I get to interact with individuals from all walks of life, and can choose from a wide range of therapeutic products to customize health approaches – even when someone is on a very limited budget. Our customers range from parents, to First Responders, to professional athletes (and their managers), refugees, rock stars, teachers, and doctors.

I appreciate the supportive environment at HP – there is no judgment here. We just wish for you and your family to be at your best health, and that compassion extends to our internal staff.

I feel very fortunate that in my role as a Nutritionist, Healthy Planet supports the continual learning that is needed to stay on top of both developing and time-proven research. The field of health research is constantly evolving.

More commonly, we are seeing an integration of medical and holistic models. It always gives me a little lift when I see MDs shopping here or sending their patients to us for specific nutraceuticals.

Healthy Planet encourages all staff, (not just Nutritionist staff), to complete ‘Lessonly’ training modules on a variety of health topics and products.

Many of our product lines, (NFH, AOR, Genestra, Douglas Labs, Pasco, Thorne, Natural Factors, Cytomatrix, Innovite, NAKA, atpLabs, Pure Labs, etc.), routinely offer stellar product training on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

During pre-pandemic times, Healthy Planet often arranged for me to attend in-person health symposiums outside of in-house seminars. Their generosity made it easier for me to collect Continuing Medical Education Credits needed for yearly renewal of my International Organization of Nutrition Consultants membership.

These symposiums and workshops also exposed me, very early on, to topics which ranged from concussion nutrition, working with genetic SNPs, to pharmacology. I did not think that I would enjoy pharmacology, but I did, and I now subscribe to a pharmaceutical database, as a way of staying current regarding drug/supplement interactions.

Note to Nutritionists applying for a position at Health Planet – you may get asked at least four times a day, by customers, if you offer private practice consults. You are in a unique position to grow your personal business, should you choose to do so.



- Helen Papaconstantinos, Nutritionist